The Legacy of Benjamin Graham in Select Quotes and Video

Yesterday on StockTwits a video surfaced about Bennjamin Graham, one of the founding fathers of Value Investing. We saw both Jason Zweig and Aleph Blog share the video with the community. Here are a few select quotes from the video that are worth noting:

“If history counts for anything, the stock market is much more likely than not to advance to a point of real danger.” – Ben Graham

“The explanation cannot be found in any mathematics but has to be found in investor psychology. You can have an extraordinary difference in the price level nearly because, not only speculators but investors themselves, are looking at the situation through rose-colored glasses rather than dark blue glasses.” – Ben Graham

“Ben Graham opened the course by saying, “If you want to make money on Wall Street you must have the proper psychological attitude. No one expresses it better than Spinoza the philosopher. Spinoza said, “You must look at things in the aspect of eternity.” – Marshall Weinberg

“Warren, don’t worry too much about making money. It won’t change the way you live. It’ll change the way our wives live. But look, you and I are wearing the same clothes and eating in the same cafeteria. So relax.” – Ben Graham to Warren Buffett

Student asks Ben Graham: “This question concerns the so called “Wall Street Professional”. Are Wall Street Professionals usually more accurate in their near or long-term market trends, forecasts of stock Market Trends?”

Graham responds: “Well, we’ve been following that interesting question for a generation or more. And I must say frankly our studies indicate that you have your choice of tossing coins or taking the consensus of expert opinion, and the results are just about the same in each case.”


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