Festival of Links 092610

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  • on September 26th, 2010

Good morning!  Here are some of the best market educational links from the StockTwits $STUDY stream.

Trend line support from @stockchartscom (hattip @fibline)

How to Trade a Rally (from @WeeklyTA)

Rising Three Methods Candlestick Pattern (from @HarmonGreg)

Candlestick Basics [videos] (hattip @Fibline)

CNBC interview w Hedge Fund Titan David Tepper (hattip @eminiplayer)

Value Line ($VALU) offers free quarterly datasheets for the Dow 30 (hattip @BlueyHuey)

Webinar for Prop Traders on Trading Psychology (from @ppearlman)

Great Post on The Psychology of Leaving Money on the Table (from @TraderSmarts)

Steven Johnson: Where Good Ideas Come From (from @Ritholtz)

The Reaction to the News is Often More Important than the News Itself (hattip @AbnormalReturns)

A Chart Records, It Does Not Explain: Doji (from @eradke)

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